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Mixed Berries Pavlova Pie Cake

Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie

Ingredients & Directions

5 lb Sweet potatoes — mashed
1 c Bread crumbs
4 Egg yolks
3/4 c Raisins or currants
3 lb Ground beef
2 ts Ground cinnamon
2 c Spanish onions — chopped
1/2 ts Crushed red pepper flakes
4 Garlic cloves — chopped
Salt to taste
1 qt Canned crushed tomatoes
Opt crumbled bacon-garnish
1/4 c Tomato paste

Beat mashed potatoes with yolks until smooth; set aside. Brown ground beef,
drain if needed, and add onions and garlic. Cook for 5-6 min. Add tomatoes
and paste and cook 2-3 more min. Remove from heat and add bread crumbs,
raisins, and spices, mixing well. Turn meat mixture into a lightly greased
pan. Top evenly with potatoes. Bake for 1 hr. at 375 degrees or until top
is browned. Cut into even squares and sprinkle each with bacon or chopped

12 Servings

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