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Cheese And Vegetable Pie And/or Empanadas

Ingredients & Directions

8 oz Flour
4 oz Unsalted butter
2 oz Ice-cold water

8 oz Ricotta cheese
2 oz Cheddar cheese; diced
4 oz Mozzarella; diced
4 oz Mushrooms; chopped
2 oz Onion; chopped
2 oz Celery; chopped
2 oz Peppers; chopped
2 oz Carrots; shredded
2 oz Pecans; chopped
2 tb Cilantro; chopped
2 tb Parsley; chopped
2 Whole eggs
Salt and pepper
4 oz Black olives; chopped,

8 oz Plain yogurt
3 tb Cilantro; chopped
3 tb Parsley; chopped
1 ts Garlic; chopped
I small cucumber; peeled,
-seeded and
; shredded
2 Limes; Juice of
Salt and pepper

In mixing bowl combine butter and flour until it looks like sand. Add
water and shape into a ball. Roll on a well-floured surface (1/8″
thick) and cut into desired shape.

Stuff with cheese-vegetable mixture and bake at 375 degrees until
golden brown. (10-15 min.)

Cheese-Vegetable Filling:

Mix all ingredients together and place in pie tin lined with dough and
cover with additional dough or, for empanadas, stuff into shaped pie
dough. Finish in oven.

Yogurt sauce for empanadas: Mix all ingredients together and serve
with empanadas.

1 servings

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