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Artichoke Pie

Ingredients & Directions

12 md Fresh artichoke hearts
(or two 12-oz pkgs frozen
-artichoke hearts
Or two 14-oz cans or jars;
1 lb Crimini mushrooms; thickly
; or quartered
Fruity olive oil
Salt; to taste
Freshly-ground black pepper;
-to taste
1 tb Softened unsalted butter
1 c Dry bread crumbs; (Panko
3/4 c Freshly-grated Parmesan
3/4 c Fresh grated Pecorino or
-Asiago cheese
(or other flavorful grating
3 tb Mixed chopped fresh herbs
(such as parsley; chives,
1/4 c Rinsed capers; coarsely
1 c Pitted nicoise; kalamata or
-Sicilian olive, coarsely
6 md Firm ripe tomatoes; seeded
-and chopped
(or two 16-ounce cans of
-tomatoes; diced)
12 oz Fresh mozzarella or fontina
-cheese; thinly sliced

Quickly slice and saute fresh or frozen artichoke hearts in olive oil
until just tender. Drain on paper towels (if using canned, simply
drain well). Saute mushrooms in olive oil until tender and lightly
browned. Drain on paper towels and season lightly with salt and
pepper. Lightly but evenly butter the bottom and sides of a 9-inch
springform pan and coat with 3/4 cup of the bread crumbs. Combine the
parmesan, pecorino, remaining l/2 cup bread crumbs and chopped herbs
in a bowl and set aside. Alternately layer one third of the
mushrooms, artichokes, capers, olives, tomatoes, mozzarella and bread
crumb mixture. Press down lightly after each layer is formed and be
sure to end with the bread crumb mixture. Drizzle a tablespoon or two
of olive oil over the top of the pie and bake in a preheated 350
degree oven for 25 to 30 minutes or until top is lightly browned.
Remove and cool for 8 to 10 minutes before unmolding. Cut into wedges
and serve warm or at room temperature. This recipe yields one 9-inch

1 servings

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