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Chess Pie — Mrs Huston

Ingredients & Directions

1/2 c Butter
1 c Sugar
1 c Chopped raisins
1 Egg; plus two yolks

Mrs. Gordon S. Adams & Gurna Gilbert

A chess pie is a custard pie, with or without the addition of fruit. This
is a tropical recipe for this Southern favorite, though the most
traditional versions usually use buttermilk. Chess pies often are baked in
small pastries for individual servings and sometimes are topped with
whipped cream or preserves at serving time.
Cream the butter, adding the sugar gradually. When blended, add the raisins
and beaten eggs. Bake the crust

on an inverted muffin tin. Fill the shell 3/4 full, and cover with
meringue. Cook in a moderate oven, and, when

the meringue has browned slightly, stir the meringue briefly into the
mixture with a fork. Chess pies keep a long


1 Servings

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